Benefits and opportunities of green transformation

GREEN STAR is a certificate for contribution to climate neutrality and a greener future

Master the business risks of greentransformation

Climate change carries many risks. Physical risks are seen in the consequences of storms, floods, and droughts while chronic risks are seen in rising temperatures, sea levels, water shortages, and habitat destruction.
The risks of transition are associated with sudden changes in climate and environmental policies. This is happening right now. Additional risks are lurking in advances in technology, consumer preferences, market sentiment, and the orientation of investors and financiers.

Gain competitive advantages

Some companies have already adapted their business operations and management to sustainability. They recognized and researched the opportunities of green transformation and implemented them into solutions that represent new competitive advantages. These are companies that have maintained or improved their position in supply chains. These are companies that have increased their competitiveness through new partnerships in green transformation.

Increase efficiency and lower the costs

Act with intention.Measure your climate footprint. Calculate what the gap is to achieve the goalsof climate neutrality. Then take advantage of opportunities in evolving processes,technologies, and materials and reap benefits again. First, with a greenerbusiness footprint and, second, with greater efficiency and profits.

Improve your access to capital, finance, and insurance

Financial service providers take the green transformation very seriously. The first products on the market are already intended for financing green projects. Investors pay more attention to green projects. At the same time, the EU is changing its taxonomy which will require transparency and concrete data on its contribution to climate neutrality in exchange for more favorable funding. At the same time, it will also support the green transformation financially.

Improve your reputation and credibility

The brand of the company has never been so exposed. Consumers are vigilant about monitoring commitments and achieving climate neutrality goals. Civil society has already filed several lawsuits against companies that were not ambitious enough on the path to green transformation. Today, the company’s reputation and stakeholder trust are the most important.