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Certificate of ESG Profile and Climate Action

Proudly display your contribution to sustainable business and climate neutrality

Green leaders, recipients of the Green Star certificate, achieve the highest standards for achieving climate neutrality.
They are ambitious in setting goals and  taking concrete action.
They introduce innovative business models, green technologies, new knowledge, and skills.
They prove their worth by improving their impact on the climate, the environment, and society.
They are the leaders of the future and are well-prepared for the challenges of green transition.
They are a trustworthy partner and a role model.

Take advantage of green transformation opportunities

GREEN STAR companies gain a host of benefits:

Manage the business risks of green transformation.
Increase efficiency and lower costs.
Gain competitive advantage
Improve access to capital, finance, and insurance.
Improve reputation and credibility.

Succeed on the path of green transformation

Manage climate risks and take action


The business environment is changing rapidly. More aware customer base, new technologies, and tightening  regulatory requirements create tremendous pressure on companies' strategic decisions.
The reputation of companies is at stake. Winners are those who turn risks into opportunities.


The hardest part is setting goals and making commitments until it is transparently clear what your business’s environmental footprint is. The same goes for your value chain.
Mandatory non-financial reporting will expose companies.


Ambitiously set EU goals, climate neutrality in 2050, and a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030 are rapidly translating into corporate goals, strategies, and operations.
There is little time to act. For green leaders this is reflected in ambitiously set commitments.


The key to progress is to REGULARLY measure the impact of improvements. The system of metrics must clearly reflect set goals and milestones. Technologies can be employed to enable automatic or real-time measurement and reporting, which is essential for data-based decision-making.

Operate in accordance with ESG criteria


Governance criteria assess how leadership contributes to achieving the goals of climate neutrality, how ambitious the commitments the company has made are, how it cascades the changes within the organization, how it rewards employees for green achievements, and to what extent it respects the rights of its stakeholders.


Environmental criteria investigate the company’s level of understanding of the impact its operations have on the environment. Businesses need to assess and evaluate their climate footprint accurately. Everything counts, raw materials, energy use and production, process efficiency, water and waste management, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Social criteria examine how effective the integration, cooperation, and involvement of different stakeholders are in achieving the goals of climate neutrality. Key stakeholders include employees, suppliers, clients, customers, and the communities in which companies operate.

Ensure you are well-positioned to receive the GREEN STAR certificate

Do you set goals and formulate sustainable strategies?

Do you carry out activities to improve the climate footprint?

Do you look for green resources to finance your growth?

Do you strive to improve your competitive position with customers and suppliers?

Do you seek to strengthen your reputation with the achievements of green transformation?

Get certificate in three easy steps.

Obtain Green Star
Complete the questionnaire and quantify the claims.
Evaluate the results with experts.
Obtain Green Star certificate.

Green Star certificate holders

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